steel mill services


We strongly believe that Slag is NOT a waste but a co-product to Steel Making.

Using our customised Slag Processing and Metal Recovery Plants, we reclaim nearly all the 'B' and 'C' metal from your Slag. This recovered metal is then processed, enriched and returned to the Steel Plant for further use.

We crush, resize and process the remaining Slag and then market it for commercial applications including Road Construction, Cement, Railways Ballast, Agriculture and other uses.

Our Slag Management Solutions gives you the following benefits:

  • Economic benefit by sale of Processed Slag for various applications
  • Helps you reduce the cost of utilising valuable area for slag storage
  • Helps you safeguard the environment and meet mandatory government laws in this regard


We specialise in recovery of Ferrous Scrap accumulated over the decades from the Old Slag Dumps. Our scope of work includes excavation of these old slag dumps and recovery of old accumulated Ferrous Scrap from these slag dumps.

These activities are carried out strictly in compliance with the international open caste mining, safety and environmental norms.

The processing of this recovered Ferrous Scrap is then done in various stages to remove the embedded slag from the steel in order to ensure that the final material is of the highest 'A' quality and with a high Fe percentage. Finally the resizing of this processed Ferrous Scrap is done as per your specifications.


We provide complete Scrap Management Solutions.

We manage and process the entire fresh arising from the Steel Melting Shops including Tundish Skull & Ladle Skull. We also process all your internal scrap including cutting of rolls, coils, plant and machinery, railway wagons, skull etc. as well as all your external scrap.

Our services include loading and unloading the scrap, processing, drop-balling and resizing the scrap as per your specifications. We also handle the demolition and cutting/resizing of any internal structures or assets.

All our services are carried out maintaining the highest international safety norms. We also provide environmental friendly services and carry our oxy-cutting services in customised fume extraction chambers.


We undertake the complete Technological Cleaning of the Steel Melting Shops and other parts of your plant.

Our services include immediate cleaning and evacuation of overspilled slag generated under the converters and canals as a result of the production of fresh liquid steel. These services are provided on a 24 hour basis to ensure that the Steel Melting Shops are kept clean and without any blockages. This results in higher efficiency of the steel shops as well as raises the safety standards of the plant.

We also provide Housekeeping services to the other areas of the steel plant including the Shop Floors, Lime Factory, Conveyor Belts etc. The resultant slag is disposed off in the designated areas as per the international and local environment norms while the resultant 'B' Grade Ferrous Scrap is processed and resupplied to the plant.


We prepare the mixture for your Tundish Pots and spray them on as per the requirements of the Steel Melting Shop. We have the facilities to provide these services manually and also by using robotic arms. We also do the complete periodical maintenance of the Tundish Pots including welding and relining of the pots.


We can resize/cut the slabs as per your specifications and ensuring minimum wastage. We use the latest automatic machinery capable of handling slabs of over 150 degrees temperatures and over 10 inches thickness.