Vista Mining Pvt. Ltd. has been promoted by Mr. Manick Agarwal and Mr. Sajan Agarwal. Both Mr. Manick Agarwal and Mr. Sajan Agarwal have over 35 years of experience in the Iron and Steel and Mining Industry. They have been partners at Grand Smithy Works (GSW) since 1971 and 1974 respectively. Under their expert guidance GSW has successfully provided services to various steel plants in India and abroad.


Grand Smithy Works (GSW), established in 1942, has been a pioneer in recovering and processing of iron and steel scrap and the export of the same from India. GSW was the first company to purchase not only the entire quantity of old and freshly generated scrap from Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) and Indian Iron and Steel Company (IISCO) but also introduced the mining, excavation and recovery of scrap from the slag dumps accumulated over the decades at these plants. GSW has also successfully worked with other Steel Plants in India such as the Bokaro Steel (SAIL), Durgapur Steel Plant, Alloy Steel Plant etc. GSW was also one of the first recipients of the coveted Government of India award for its pioneering effort in developing the ferrous scrap industry in India and for the export of the same.

Apart from exports, GSW was also the leading processor and supplier of Iron and Steel Scrap to all the leading and secondary steel manufacturers all over India from their processing yards situated at Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Kanpur, and Jamshedpur etc.

In 2003 GSW was awarded the contract for Mining, Excavation and Processing of Ferrous Scrap from the Slag Dumps of ArcelorMittal Galati, Romania and ArcelorMittal Annaba, Algeria.

Grand Smithy was also awarded various additional contracts to provide Steel Mill Services to ArcelorMittal at Galati, Romania. These contracts include :

  • Tundish Pot De-blocking, Preparation and Maintenance
  • Slab Cutting and Resizing - both manually and using machines
  • Technological Cleaning and Maintenance of the Steel Melting Shops - 24/7 service including emergency evacuation of overspilled slag
  • Processing and Handling of all the external scrap purchased by the plant
  • Processing of fresh arising - Ladle and Tundish Scrap
  • Processing and Cutting of all the internal scrap including rolls, cylinders, sheets, pipes, plant and machinery, rejected coils etc.
  • Transportation and Handling of all by-products including Coal, Slam, Sludge, Iron Oxide, Iron Scale etc.
  • Dismantling and Cutting of Railway Wagons

In 2011 GSW was also awarded the contract to put up a Metal Recovery Plant for recovery of 'A3', 'B' and 'C' Scrap at ArcelorMittal Galati.

GSW was also awarded the contract from ArcelorMittal for Open Cast Mining and Sterile Removal of over 30 million tons from their Iron Ore Mines at Oenza, Algeria.


Mr. Manick Agarwal and Mr. Sajan Agarwal founded Vista Mining Pvt. Ltd. in order to take advantage of their vast experience in the Indian Iron and Steel and Mining Industry.

In February 2011, Vista Mining was awarded a prestigious contract valued at USD 25 Million for Iron Ore Mining and Overburden Removal by Jindal Saw Ltd. (JSL) from their Iron Ore Mines at Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

The contract is for handling over 22 million tons of Iron Ore and Over Burden. The total scope of activities includes Blast Hole Drilling, Blasting, Open Cast Mining, Loading and Transportation of Iron Ore and Overburden.

This tender was awarded to Vista Mining Pvt. Ltd. amidst very tough competition based on the past performance, reputation and experience of its promoter/directors as well as the technical and commercial presentations made by the company.

In addition to this, Vista Mining has signed contracts with Hindustan Zinc Ltd. and Mangalam Cements Ltd. for various services.